Reasons for Grooming


Dogs cool off by panting and by air circulating around and through their pads. Long hair impairs that ability, so a quick trim or cut can improve this circulation and allow your dog to be cooler.

Crusts in the corner of your dogs eyes can cause sores leading to discomfort. These sores can only be seen after removing the thick crust when grooming or after a wash.

Long and overgrown nails force your dog to walk on the sides of their pads. In the long term, this can lead to arthritis in the legs and hips and also contributes to splayed toes potentially causing infection and pain.

Matted hair causes PAIN for your dog by pulling on the skin causing sores creating room for moisture which causes infection and fungus.

Regular cleaning and grooming of your dog can help identify skin and health issues. When identified in the early stages these issues can prevent expensive trips to the vets.

Your dogs ears have hair deep within the innner ear canals that need to be trimmed and cleaned every 4-6 weeks otherwise there is a risk of inflammation and infection.

Clearing your dogs sanitary area is good hygiene. This guarantees that your dogs excretions and stools will not be stuck and carried in doors.

Hair between your dogs pads and toes causes pain, this results in your dog licking their feet creating knots between their toes and potential infection occurring.

Some breeds have under-coats that build from shedding within. The outer coat and inner coat become thickly padded and thick mats are extremely difficult to remove.

Bathing your dog without first brushing creates small tight knots referred to as pain knots. These type of knots make your dog grooming experience a painful and unpleasant one.